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Baby Ruth is a fiction story based upon an actual event that happened to my mother when she was a little girl living in a cabin near Cohay, Mississippi.  She remembers going to the door expecting her father to be home for supper and finding a bear standing there.  That is the only part of the story that actually happened.  The rest is created in my imagiantion.


title pageA Surprise for Baby RuthA Surprise for Baby Ruth is almost ready to submit to publisher.  Helene Dadoune in Henderson, NV was selected to illustrate Baby Ruth.  I have developed a close communicating relationship with Helene as we have worked together over the last few weeks. 

That was exactly what happened to Ruthie Lee Anderson when she was about 4 years old. Her family lived in Cohay Camp in Smith County, Mississippi.  A logging camp had been set up in the Cohay Swamp by early settlers in the Mississippi Territory.  Logging proved to be a booming business in that area as many settlers arrived and needed the logs to build cabins for their growing families. Ruthie Lee’s father worked at that camp.  The story is now written into manuscript form.  It has been professionally critqued and edited several times.  The story is searching for a publisher as I write this blog. 

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